Feral? Unhinged? Manifesting? You know what, let’s normalize using these over-used and now ultimately meaningless words to describe Bwog’s past week!

Bwog felt feral:

  • Was so tired that I thought I ran the dishwasher but did not in fact do so
    • Ate off of dirty dishes for approximately three days until I realized my grave, grave error 
  • Got chewed out by my roommate for disobeying her Catholic morals in what she sees as her Catholic home
    • Stole a singular puzzle piece from said roommate’s puzzle in an act of passive-aggressive retaliation
  •  Cut my own bangs in the dark of the night
    • (Was successful)
  • Biked! Saw a skunk! Almost got hit in the face by mangoes!
  • Almost pissed in Central Park while carrying a bunch of empty cider bottles but made it to a nearby hospital whose staff was VERY kind

Bwog went unhinged:

  • Dipped my fingers in melted candle wax as a reward for finishing my paper
  • Canceled an appointment for the ass doctor out of pure fear………
    • I do not want to bust it wide on one of those thin paper sheets that go over the examination chairs
  • Got piercings because my TikTok FYP told me to
  • Played a Lot of Among Us, was accused of murder by many people whom I previously loved!
  • Put off an essay for a month
    • Ended up being one of my favorite things I’ve written this semester
  • Schemed

Bwog went… hinged?

  • Did most of my homework at a reasonable hour on a Saturday evening like some kind of sane and diligent person

Bwog manifested (good?) things:

  • Took a five-hour plane ride to live with two of my best friends who I hadn’t seen in seven months! 
  • Had a vivid dream about starting a business where I provide cardboard cutouts of their crushes and listening services to guys who are stuck in unrequited love for $300
  • Got the OK from my dad to take the driver’s license test in December!
  • Drank my favorite coffee from my favorite convenience store for the first time since MARCH
  • Looked at some (goat) kids!
    • The best kids!

Bwog got up to things that, you know what, should be normalized!:

  • Watched The Social Network two nights in a row to feel real emotion and understand what good writing looks like
  • Finished a bottle of vodka… by making a pound of penne alla vodka
  • Had my first edible? Was weird and trippy
    • In college we #trynewthings
  • Got super nervous for my driver’s test, which is this week
    • Had several dreams about parallel parking
    • When I actually did practice driving in my waking hours, monologued the entire time without even realizing I was talking
  • Got my flu shot
    • Pour one out for the pharmacist who listened to me talk about how much I hate needles before jabbing me
    • She was nice!
  • Procrastinated essay writing by reading
    • Turns out reading helps a lot with essay writing

Image of not the unfinished puzzle, but A puzzle via Libreshot