This week, Bwog got philosophic. What is the difference between romantic and platonic love? Am I working when I’m not working? Am I fine when I’m not fine?

Bwog pondered the difference between platonic and romantic love:

  • Thought a lot about the difference between romantic and platonic love
  • Called my therapist and talked about the difference between romantic and platonic love
  • Friendzoned a guy… but I actually really want to be his friend!!!
  • Re: platonic/romantic love—I talked with a friend actually about it and he very eloquently said that friendships go through a certain intangibility that makes you more than yourself and forget about yourself while romantic love for him tends to rely on a physicality of yearning to share the warmth and being in the same space and heightens your awareness of yourself like how you notice the way you laugh when you romantically love someone I guess

The difference between working and not working:

  • Had to read so, so, so many words
    • Enjoyed maybe half of them
    • Already had to read so, so many words and then willingly decided to read an extra 200+ pages of words for a project
  • Spent more time playing Among Us than doing homework
  • Had lots of good ideas for paintings and no time to paint
  • Got paid for listening to high schoolers scream at each other 
  • Had a good old-fashioned cry breakdown
    • Proceeded to write an essay while doing so
  • Ran into a family friend who asked me how school is going this semester
    • Answered “great” before remembering that I’m currently taking a leave of absence and fully am not in school

The difference between man and nature:

  • Saw the Pacific Ocean
  • Went for a walk on a street that was so quiet and felt very very fictional until I tripped on a section of uneven sidewalk
  • Ate fourteen peaches
  • Exchanged pleasantries with a very cool, very orange bodega cat
  • Shared a tender, serene moment full of patience and mutual understanding with a squirrel
  • Went to the Central Park Zoo and whispered compliments to all of the animals (especially the red pandas)

The difference between being fine and being very not fine:

  • Cut my own bangs again, in what is becoming a distressing trend
  • Got drunk and watched several episodes of Broad City
    • Laughed harder than I have in a while 
  • Consumed many a Klonopin
  • Tried not to give a shit, failed
  • Went to the hospital at 5 am
    • Did not have a sexy time.
  • Was called an asshole, a fucking coward, and a punk bitch by a 65-year-old multimillionaire
  • Was kicked out!!!!! of my apartment!!!! for being an asshole/fucking coward/punk bitch
    • Am now packing up all my stuff and moving home one day before all my midterms :)

Image of a lovely red panda via Wikimedia Commons