Even though Halloween looks different this year, you can still keep the Halloween spirit alive.

Bwog Staff tells you how we plan on celebrating Halloween so that you too can get into the spooky spirit <3

  • Watching spooky movies and consuming copious amounts of Candy Corn!
  • Dressing up as Fleabag and terrifying my family with a very realistic bloody nose.
    • Plot twist: its a real nose bleed…
  • Dressing up as Maya from pen15….cutting and dyeing my hair because I am too cheap to buy a wig and because I want to feel something.
  • Watching Twitches one and two!
  • Playing Left 4 Dead 2 with friends.
  • Making glow in the dark cocktails <333
  • Searching unsolved cases on Wikipedia and reading them in the dark until 2am. 
  • Watching SNL with John Mulaney.
    • Seems appropriate enough.
  • Columbia inspired…wearing a lion onesie and calling it a day!
  • Trying to safely distribute candy to trick or treaters.
    • Maybe like a t-shirt cannon? To be determined…
  • Dressing up in childhood Halloween costumes.
    • My mom, my brother, and I are gonna do a “Greatest Hits” tour of our favorite costumes throughout the years and change on the hour.
    • I’m excited about my Jack Sparrow costume and banana costume. 
  • Placing small pumpkins and gourds around my house in inconvenient locations (the shower, under pillows, middle of the stairs, etc) to remind people that it’s Halloween.
  • Reflecting upon this last year, being spooked.
  • Attending a virtual murder mystery party! 
  • Finding something to dress up as and then matching my zoom background with it.
    • Probably TikTok or Pinterest inspired!

Go have fun celebrating your socially distanced Halloweens! On the bright side, no-one will see your spooky makeup or costume close up so minimal effort DIY is on your side :)

spooky spirit via Bwarchives