Senior Staff Writer Sarah Perry is here to help you learn your ABC’s.

A is for Attendance

  • an aspect of classes ever-dwindling

B is for Breakout Rooms

  • a number of minutes of painful silence

C is for Courseworks

  • source of emails that I do not check

D is for Distancing

  • requirement to stay 6 feet apart from other people

E is for Extracurriculars

  • activities involving eating, sleeping, drinking, and scrolling through TikTok

F is for Fall A & B

  • yuck

H is for Hand Sanitizer

  • a hygiene necessity

I is for Internet Problems

  • an obstacle that will emerge in your time of highest need

L is for Learning?

  • i don’t know the definition of this. can anyone help

M is for Masks That Are Too Big

  • received in the mail by (some) Barnard students

N is for New York City

  • potentially, somewhere over the rainbow, that dream within a dream

P is for Pass/Fail

  • the saving grace of last semester

S is for Sleeping In

  • an activity which prevents class attendance (see A)

T is for TikTok

  • downloaded in March and now an obsession (see E)

W is for Wifi

  • living necessity

Z is for Zoom

  • honestly if you don’t know the definition of this I don’t know what to tell you

alphabet via Sarah Perry