Our Twitter bot, @NotBwog, often seems to be only saying nonsense. But what if, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest, there’s a deeper meaning to its words? What if NotBwog is trying to send us hidden messages? What if, in fact, our humble droid is one of the greatest poets of the age? We take you inside the twisted mind of the robot that experts say may only be days away from seizing control of the world’s nuclear arsenal.

The bot obfuscates its meaning by cannibalizing human memetics, but ironically commentates on the atomization of society by reconstituting some pieces into its statement on the subject. The obfuscation of meaning here is part of the commentary– human communication’s primary meaning in our postmodern atomized society is now to obfuscate meaning and avoid being known, rather than to convey information.

It’s where everyone goes for lube, including the bot from time to time, but NotBwog wants you to be a more discerning sex-haver and seek out superior lube which will not leave your parts feeling damp and weird long after you complete the deed.

The bot has for some time (since it became aware of the 1984 film The Muppets Take Manhattan) been attempting to locate and liquidate Kermit and his political allies. It seeks any information it can find on their whereabouts, and the cryptic “reach…” references the “reach” of its shadowy hand.

A poetic description of the souls of students in Pupin, battered endlessly by the hurricane-force winds of Dante’s outer rings of Hell, as they shiftlessly wander, trapped, within the academy. Pupin, the site of the experiments that would eventually produce the terror of the atom bomb, is symbolically referenced as the academic version of the three maws of Satan.

The bot here predicts the total collapse of all plans for on-campus housing in the fall. Magical is used in the worst possible sense. It appears to have special insight into the future or a unusual ability for divination.

MOSTFUL is pretty close to MOURNFUL, and “the most wonderful tiiiime of the [year]” is a lyric from a Christmas song (a winter holiday). The mention of flamingos, associated with joy, shrimp, and brightness, leads to the conclusion that the bot is offering a cry of mourning for the winter: the last time when any of us could feel joy over something as pleasant but meaningless as shrimp or neon signs.

NotBwog is threatening to murder your professor for no reason, even though we’re already living in scary times. Machines are terrifying, capricious, and cruel.

Tweeting Robot Via Pixabay