Bwog Staff wants to help you find your go-to dance move and can confidently say it’s correlated to your major of choice. 

For those of you double-majoring or minoring… look elsewhere. 


  • Your signature dance move is “getting out of writer’s block.” Move your body into a very small ball and then jump out of it to accurately mirror breaking your writer’s block! 


  • Your signature dance move is “the pattern of social relationships.” Move around your living quarters or preferred dance location (wear a mask if it’s outside!) and pretend that you are interacting with several people. The keyword being pretend. Throw in a wave or a smile if you’re feeling spicy. 


  • Your signature dance move is “diminishing marginal utility.” Body roll as if you are a utility curve and act as if you are brought diminishing levels of utility or happiness as you complete your body roll/curve.

Art History

  • Your signature dance move is “embody the painting.” Choose your favorite painting and reenact it, this will be subject to variation due to personal preference.  
    • Ex. If you like Olympia by Manet, sprawl onto the floor and lounge for a hot second.  
    • Ex. If you like the Mona Lisa just stare at people. And never break eye contact. Perfect if you’re more reserved!


  • You have no signature dance move. I’m sorry I had to be the one to tell you. You’re obviously very a pirouette or some fancy move…we all want to see you flex!


  • Your signature move is “the thinker.” Pop a squat and put your hand to your chin like the thinker. 


  • Your signature dance move is “evolution.”  Start small and grow bigger– it’s like you are walking up a staircase but instead evolving into a Homosapien.  

Computer Science

  • Your signature dance move is “python.” Become a snake. Make hissing sounds for dramatic effect.


  • Your signature dance move is the “robot.” You know the drill… a nice beep boop sound could be added for extra effect. Prove the stereotypes wrong! Have some flair!

illustrations and header via Evelyn Van Ness