Pandemic Living™ is not particularly conducive to going through a breakup. Bwog staffers get it, so we’re here to commiserate and advise.

Coping Mechanisms

  • Stop stalking their social media! Even though we know you can’t. And now that there are Snapchat stories, private Snapchat stories, Instagram, Instagram close friends stories, regular Instagram stories, spam accounts on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter… you get the gist. I know it’s hard. Once you figure out how to do this, please reach out. We’re still struggling with this one. 
  • Since it’s a literal pandemic, you can’t go on a slew of tinder dates and pretend like the idea that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. But, a little dating app swipe action never hurt anybody. If you need the validation, go for it! Crazy how a stranger swiping right back can make you feel more appreciated and valued than your silly ex. 
  • Remember the 13 readings you chose to ignore? What about the assignments you needed extensions on because you were crying over them? Yeah, same. Now is the absolute best time to THROW yourself into your schoolwork or job. The more you are able to immerse your brain into engaging and thought-provoking tasks, the less you will think about them. Academic distraction, baby. 
  • I know you might, for a while, think about getting back together. I implore you, I beg of you, do NOT do it! They weren’t the love of your life if they couldn’t talk to you about the issues they were having. Words are words. On cheating, if it was a heat of the moment accident for them, ask yourself why they’re getting themselves into situations during a pandemic that can allow them to be in the heat of the moment situations. Or if it was a long, drawn-out, you knew they’d go for that other person but you ignored the red flags type of “accident,” why didn’t they talk to you about what was going on? Or at least have the decency to break up with you beforehand like a normal person? The thing that hurts the most is the lying and the fact that they didn’t care about you as much as you cared about them. Regardless of if it was a one-off thing or a buildup of lies, you deserve someone better. We promise. 
  • Unconnect with them on LinkedIn. They don’t deserve your connection. You’re going to absolutely crush it later in life and they can deal with their infidelity. Alone. Without your support. And while we’re at it, get rid of their stuff. Clothes, jewelry, little trinkets from dates. Give their stuff back to them when you’re ready or donate it if it’s in good condition. Cleanse yourself of them and their presence in your life. 
  • When you’re ready, I really recommend blocking them (and their friends if possible)! On everything: their phone number, social media, and any other way you can contact them. It hurts, but it will undoubtedly expedite the healing process for you. Seeing them and/or hearing from them is unproductive and can even reverse your journey to being okay again. 

TV Shows We Watched To Pretend We Weren’t Crying Over Them, Again

  • Grey’s Anatomy: it’s a medical drama so people die all the time. Dead and dying people… similar to my relationship with my ex! And how I felt at first. But now, instead of crying over some silly ex that doesn’t care, you can cry about dead and dying people!
  • Chicago Med: they just came out with a COVID season, and it will make you sob if that’s what you’re needing 
  • Glee: hear us out. Naya Rivera died this summer. She is beautiful. She is also on Glee. So basically you’d be crying over how Naya Rivera is dead. Dead people on TV shows… Do we see the pattern here?

People Who Will Hype You Up When You Need It

TikToks That Singlehandedly Made Me Feel Better

Our Personal List Of Snack Recommendations

  • Tequila, salt, and limes.
  • Ice cream, but specifically on the day after your breakup.
  • Toast, if you’re having stomach aches over everything that happened.

remote heartbreak via Pixabay