The election results will not change the more I refresh my New York Times app, but will that stop me? Unlikely.

Happening in the World: Tropical Storm Eta hit Nicaragua on Tuesday and made its way to Guatemala, as well as Honduras. A landslide in Guatemala caused by the storm tragically killed more than 50 people. In total, the storm is believed to have killed more than 70 people. Its winds in Nicaragua reached up to 140 mph and the storm is expected to reach Florida and Cuba (BBC).

Happening in the US: As of this morning, Biden has taken the lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania and is currently holding both by under 0.1%. Those interested in getting involved can still sign up for phone banking shifts to encourage everyone whose ballot was rejected to send in the correct documentation to make sure their vote is counted (The New York Times).

Happening in New York: After a night of uncertainty, unrest has been increasing in Manhattan’s downtown neighborhoods, leading to conflict between civilians and police, ultimately resulting in the arrests of 50 people. These marches and protests are not unique to this week, though; weekly marches have been held outside of the Stonewall Inn–tensions are high, however, with the impending election results, which is compounding on current fear and anger regarding past and present police brutality (ABC7).

Happening in the Community: On Tuesday, November 10, there is an in-person, fitness class on Columbia’s campus. Hosted by Dodge Fitness Center, this class will take place outdoors in order to ensure proper social distancing measures. In a time when stress is high, practicing self-care is critical, and this class would be a great way to do that. Registration is required, so click on this link if you are interested!

Dog Fact of the Week: The only dog in the world that does not bark is the Basenji (MSPCA).

Joe Biden via Bwarchives