At the start of a peaceful transition of power and a trip to the moon for scientific discovery, it bears reminding that it isn’t always terrible when history repeats itself. 

Happening in the World: A Chinese spacecraft launched Tuesday morning local time, its destination set for the Moon. With this new robotic craft, China hopes to become the third country in history to bring lunar rock samples back to Earth, nearly 40 years after the last American and Soviet missions with the same purpose. If the mission goes to plan, the rocket should return to earth in mid-December (BBC).

Happening in the US: The Trump administration has agreed to begin the formal transition process, according to Administrator Emily Murphy of the U.S General Services Administration (GSA). In a letter to President-elect Joe Biden on Monday afternoon, Murphy made the country aware of the first step that the White House has taken to acknowledge Biden’s win since it was announced on November 8 (CNN). 

Happening in NYC: On Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a phased reopening plan for New York City schools. In this approach, students with disabilities would be prioritized to return for in-person instruction, then under 3-K and Pre-K students, followed by middle and then high-school students. Aside from this order of priority, the plan was vague. City and state officials are working to come up with strategies to confront the latest wave of COVID-19 that threatens to send New York back to the lockdown it saw over the summer (Gothamist). 

Happening in Our Community: University Ergonomist Kevin Myers is hosting a virtual event Wednesday afternoon called “Take a Break: Stretch and Reset,” with guided stretches to restore the body, followed by imagery meditation. You can register here.  

Lame Limerick of the Week:  Ode To A Spread

This snack just sets my heart a flutter

I’ll shout out my love, not just mutter

It’s sweet as can be

Would fill me with glee 

If someone gave me cookie butter

Moon Via Bwog Archives