Why aren’t we talking about this?

Happening in the World: 10,000 pro-democracy protesters marched on Thailand’s police headquarters on Wednesday, spraying it with paint and water pistols, a day after violent clashes with protesters and police left dozens injured. The pro-democracy strike comes after the government rejected a proposal concerning the reform of the Thai constitution, the removal of the current Prime Minister, and changes to the Thai monarchy (The Guardian).

Happening in the US: The US Federal Aviation Administration issued an order to allow the Boeing 737 Max plane to carry passengers again after a 20-month grounding of the jet model. Authorities announced that design software and crew training changes will eliminate the system problems that led to two fatal crashes and resulted in the loss of 346 passenger lives. The families of those who died have objected to the Max’s return to service (Washington Post). 

Happening in NYC: A Saw-whet owl is recovering at a wildlife refuge in New York state after it was discovered clinging to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Now named Rockefeller, the owl was found by workers helping to transport the tree from Oneonta, NY to its final stop in New York City. The Ravensbeard Wildlife Center announced that once Rockefeller is given a clean bill of health, he will be released back into the wild (NBC).

Happening in Our Community: Join the McIntosh Activities Council’s Wellness Committee in a virtual Friendsgiving, filled with recipes and hand turkey fun, this Friday at 7 pm EST. Use this Zoom link to join!

Cover Song of the Week: “American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz (originally by The Guess Who)

Rockefeller the Owl’s rightful home via Bwog Archives