Although today’s Bwoglines spell out an uncertain future, Sarah Goldmark and the future of sustainability innovation will make your Friday afternoon.

Happening in the World: Hong Kong’s opposition lawmakers are resigning to protest the expulsion of four fellow pro-democracy legislators deemed “secessionist” by Beijing. This act of defiance comes after China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee passed a resolution giving Hong Kong authorities the power to bypass local courts and remove politicians seen as a threat to national security. Human rights organization Amnesty International has condemned the NPC’s resolution as disallowing the existence of dissenting voices (BBC).

Happening in the US: The Trump administration is attempting to deport several migrant women who allege they were mistreated by a gynecologist in a Georgia immigration detention center. Six former patients of Dr. Mahendra Amin have already been deported by ICE. Amin has been accused of operating without consent and performing procedures deemed medically unnecessary, which may have endangered their ability to have children (The Guardian). 

Happening in NYC: Restaurants, bars, and gyms in New York will have to abide by a new nightly curfew, Governor Cuomo announced Wednesday. Takeout and delivery from restaurants are still allowed after 10 pm, but only for food orders. New York has also set a 10-person cap on parties at private residences. The new restrictions are a response to the growing uptick of COVID-19 cases in the state. Cuomo called on local governments to increase enforcement of the restrictions and particularly called on the NYPD to lead the enforcement effort in NYC (NBC NY).

Happening in Our Community: Join SCA and Sandra Goldmark, Barnard’s first Director of Campus Sustainability and Climate Action and member of the Theater Department, in a conversation about eco-friendly sustainability this Friday at 4 pm (EST). You can join the talk here. Email for the password!

empty Times Square via Flickr