This week, Bwog looks within and… without?

Let’s face it, Bwog is full of main characters, but everyone at Bwog is a main character in a different way. Some of us made full use of interiority in our Field Notes updates:

  • Regretted every single thing I’ve ever done
  • Wished I had the time and the physical ability to actually sleep in for once
  • Had lovely vegetarian matzo ball soup made out of farmers market ingredients
    • Got sad thinking about how well I could be eating if I had more money and time
  • Made choices, that’s for sure
  • Teared up watching Legally Blonde when Emmett says “What if you’re trying to be somebody you are?”
  • Bent, but did not collapse, under the weight of my two midterms and three papers that will happen this week
  • Got worked up about when a letter was going to arrive like someone not of this decade
  • Texted my ex for her birthday
    • Still deciding if this was a good idea
  • Wept, a lot
  • Felt sappy and weird about how old I am
  • Hung out with a very nice dog
    • Understood why people like dogs
  • Laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe and then started panicking three separate times
  • Started obsessing over someone to spice things up
  • Panicked about how quickly my life is moving

And others, not so much. Deduce what you will from these actions! Go exteriority!:

  • Worked on becoming a wine person
  • Finally scheduled an appointment with a new th*rapist
  • Listened to “Iris” by Phoebe Bridgers and Maggie Rogers with my dad
    • We both cried
  • Brought a chair, my laptop, and a pair of headphones into the bathroom
    • Locked myself in there for seven hours, curled up in my winter coat, and watched many many videos of Kate McKinnon 
  • Almost wiped out on wet leaves many times because they do not mix well with a walking boot  
  • Went nonverbal for a morning due to midterm stress
  • Screamed at Barnard Self Service
  • Visited my grandma and beat her at rummy, for once
  • Talked about fried rice all weekend, made my girlfriend make me fried rice 
  • Screamed “I MISS THE LIBRARY!” at least hourly
  • Drove in a hail storm
    • My permit did not prepare me for this <3
  • Had dinner with the raccoons that live in the wall at 108th & Riverside

Image of one of those raccoon’s cousins via Pixabay