It’s been a hell of a two weeks since the last Field Notes. In that time, Bwog did its best to simply survive.

Bwog survived the election:

  • Watched six straight hours of Star Trek to distract myself from the election
  • Spoke with my ex to distract myself from the election
    • (Still not sure how I feel about this decision)
  • Yelled and celebrated out of my window after the Associated Press called Biden’s victory 
  • Stress-baked many things
    • Tried to check the cakes in the oven instead of checking the news
  • Wanted the best for Steve Kornacki
  • Briefly went online shopping for a new citizenship

Bwog survived fall break:

  • Made a dress out of tissue paper and packing tape for Halloween
  • Walked crosstown through Central Park with my girlfriend at night
    • It felt magical
  • Met a truly incredibly fat cat named Bijou
  • Did not do really any of my work
  • Switched to my flannel bedsheets because it’s fall, I guess
  • Failed to do work
    • Paying out the ass for that now
  • Made a pen pal
  • Got some homework done ahead of time???
    • Will probably never do that again
  • Ignored every single one of my responsibilities like a goddamn ADULT
  • Watched horror movies on Halloween
    • Regretted it because I am a wimp
  • Worked for far too long to produce exactly one page of writing for my thesis. I am already sick and tired of thinking about monkey vaginas

Bwog survived, full stop:

  • Just kind of… managed
  • Had many thoughts and feelings while driving
    • Totally forgot I was driving
    • Almost ran a red light
  • Got drunk in the bathroom while hiding from my mom and contemplated my life choices
  • Yearned and also longed for things that are now part of the past that I didn’t think would be part of the past
  • Wept
  • Slept a lot
  • Sat in a dissociative state for four days straight
  • Contemplated relocating to the Appalachian wilderness
    • Goodbye

Image of said wilderness via Pxfuel