Bwog enjoyed their break… well, kind of.

Bwog profited from break by doing work (or at least, like, thought about doing it):

  • Wrote 5.5 of the 7 essays I was supposed to do this break, simultaneously felt very productive and nonproductive and very, very drowned in work
  • Considered finals, became concerned
  • Enjoyed something I read for class enough to finish it over a week early
  • Did Not work on enough homework :)
  • Did not catch up on work like I intended
  • Received very positive feedback on my first thesis chapter! :’)

Bwog profited from break by definitely not doing work:

  • Got overly invested in the whole Denver Broncos no quarterback drama
  • Ran into the “aspiring SoundCloud artist” from my old high school class at religious services
    • 0/10
  • Spent more money than I should have on spooky rings from the antique store
  • Read so much Foucault that young Obama is now looking for me
  • Unclenched my jaw for the first time in the past month
  • Bothered my cats a Lot
  • Made blueberry pancakes for my best friend
    • She told me they were bad
  • Fell from the top of a wall and was (mostly) fine

Bwog got up to family shenanigans:

  • Along with the rest of my family, pretended I did not recognize my sister’s ex in the street and simply kept walking
  • Got zonked with my sister and discussed what it must be like to be Adult Friends with our parents (very strange we think)
  • Convinced my father to buy me White Claw
  • Made margaritas with my mom
    • They were Very strong
  • Bought a 19th-century copy of a collection of essays I wrote about last semester, boring my family to death when it was all I could talk about at dinner
  • Gave my sister dating advice
  • Got my hair cut by my mom…
    • Results are mixed

Bwog enjoyed some nighttime existentialism:

  • Stared into a campfire on a warm November night and thought and thought and thought about how this year could have been so different but it is not and so I am here staring at a fire
  • Went for a pointless drive at 9 pm on Saturday
    • Ended up at the exit for my mom’s office
    • Promptly got back on the highway and returned home
  • Went on a run at 3 am just because
  • Enjoyed some anxiety-driven sleeplessness
  • Drank an entire container of instant chai concentrate and didn’t sleep until 6 am
    • Consequently slept through multiple Important Things the next morning

A nice campfire to stare at via Pixabay