One Bwogger articulates her hate for one of her classes.

There are many answers to the question “what is your least favorite day of the week?” For me, the answer is easy: the day I have my online lab.

Once a week, every week, I log onto zoom and am forced to stay there for FIVE fucking hours. My professor is so in love with the sound of his own voice that he’s unwilling to stop talking for more than five minutes, meaning that we get but one break for the entire five-hour stretch. Like seriously???? I know people in classes that are less than two hours who get TEN MINUTE BREAKS, yet every week I go into those five hours knowing I will be glued to my seat for the entirety of the class. No wonder so many people have dropped the class (I swear, every week there’s one less person there. My lab group is quite literally half the size it was originally.)

To add insult to injury, he shows us plentiful (low quality) videos of the labs we’re supposed to be doing, like, “Hey look, everyone, here’s the lasers you can’t use because of the global pandemic!”

And it gets worse!!! Every week we have to write very long lab reports on labs we didn’t even do! The upside is that I can’t fuck up my data, but on the other hand I have no understanding of the labs because I’m not even doing them. Also, because I’m not even doing the labs, my backup plan of dropping out and becoming Walter White goes out the window because unfortunately I’m not actually learning how to do any of this shit.

And so, as the end of the semester approaches, I await the day I will no longer be subjected to what I would consider a cruel and unusual punishment. Until next semester when I have to take another lab because I’m a goddamn pre-med.