If this personality test has not consumed your days, you are not living your life properly. Feel attacked by the following descriptions and extremely defensive about your major. After all, Bwog is the only campus publication that really understands you.  

Lawful Good
You are a good person and you know it. Other people might call you a goody-two-shoes but that doesn’t stop your hero complex. That might actually be the very reason you have a hero complex. You share your notes with anyone who asks, and you are always the one who creates the class group chat. Cheating is inadmissible to you, but you would never snitch. Most likely an Education or Human Rights major. You are an optimist who just wants things to be alright!

Neutral Good
You do the best you can. People would describe you in vaguely good terms like “kind” and “nice,” but actually mean it. You are the kind of person who saves seats in lectures for other people and offers to split the bill even if your meal was cheaper. Although you don’t show it, you actually care about people. Aloof yet gentle, you are probably a Linguistics or Biology major. You just want to study your field in peace and if that means you get to help people, that’s fine by you.

Chaotic Good
You want to help people so bad it makes you look stupid. You are freedom personified, the kind of person who spends the whole day at Low Beach making new friends. Everything interests you, and you never want to be limited by constraints. You are either a triple major, majoring in your childhood favorite subject, or completely undecided. Either way, you are probably studying something niche like Medieval and Renaissance Studies or Jazz Studies and having a blast.

Lawful Neutral
You snitch on people who cheat with no remorse. You own four different planners and always color code your notes, which you only share with those you truly like. Organization is key to you, but so is truth. Your attention to detail is impressive and intimidating, but secretly people admire your strong work ethic. Probably pre-law, definitely full of dreams, goals, and anxiety. You are either majoring in something very STEM-heavy or English, there is no in-between.

True Neutral
You are the definition of middle ground. You have no strong feelings and people would consider you a really mellow person. Your conversations tend to be very straightforward, and you keep your dorm decor to a minimum. However, you probably give the best and most direct advice out of all your friends. Handing your work a week late with no explanation has become routine. The present doesn’t really interest you and neither does the future. That’s why you are probably a Classics or Anthropology major.

Chaotic Neutral
You do what you want when you want it. Skipping class is not a choice but a lifestyle for you. You are the type to take the subway at 11 am on a Wednesday to go to Chelsea just because you feel like it. You tell the best stories out of all your friends, but none of them are sure they are true. People don’t really interest you, so you are drawn to data-based majors like Math, CS, or Earth Science. You are here for a good time, not a long time.

Lawful Evil
You know exactly what you are doing. You probably listen to “really obscure” music or unironically say you are “not like other girls.” At libraries, you are the kind of person that will leave their backpack on a chair and never come back. You have a precise life plan, meaning you are a Chemistry major who is also pre-med. And if you are a Film major, you probably gaslit every person you ever dated.

Neutral Evil
You are stone-cold. You do what makes you feel most comfortable at any point, which includes cutting the line at dining halls and openly yawning and/or snoring during your classes. Either you won’t stop talking in class or you don’t even do your readings. If you are a Poli Sci major, you call it “Political Science” and if you are a Psychology major, you think the Little Albert experiment was okay.

Chaotic Evil
You are unpredictable and wild. Your schedule is a mess and you keep dropping classes left and right. Playing the Devil’s Advocate is your favorite thing to do, making you the least liked student in most of your classes. You are the type to triple minor in subjects you actively hate, and major in either American Studies or Business. And if you are a Philosophy and Economy double major, you are the worst.

The Penis Fountains will decide your fate! via Bwog Archive.