Exhausted by the Fleet Foxes? Done with playing Lauryn Hill on repeat? Fatigued with Sean Lennon? In this long-awaited sequel, Staff Writer Julia Tolda brings you even more up-and-coming Columbia musicians. 


Hearing Uwade’s ethereal and velvety voice is a once in a lifetime experience. The singer steals the show on the opening track of the newest Fleet Foxes album and breathes new life into every single cover posted on her Instagram page. Delicate and powerful, there is no one like Uwade. 

Sounds like: Oceans, childhood bedrooms, a hug from your best friend.

Listen to when: Starting over.

Song recommendation: “Nostalgia”. Uwade says goodbye to the past in the most beautifully rhythmic and bittersweet track. You will sob, I promise. 

Find them on: Spotify, Instagram.

Grace Victoria

Grace Victoria’s music feels like reading personal letters: an intimate and raw look into someone’s life. Her voice is incredibly clear, yet potent and sweet. Through her brilliant songwriting, Grace Victoria presents relationships in their purest multifaceted form.

Sounds like: Unrequited love, subway cars, tea.

Listen to when: Writing poetry.

Song recommendation: “Should Have Told You”. Grace Victoria yearns, singing of the all-too-familiar desire to tell someone how you feel about them. 

Find them on: Spotify, Instagram, YouTube.


This class of 2019 alumni band, formerly known as the Christopher Lopez Collective, is the indie dream. Patches’ sound is subversive in the best way, combining multiple genres with immaculate precision. 

Sounds like: Road trips, warm evenings, meeting up after class.

Listen to when: Hanging out with friends.

Song recommendation: “Geno”. In this folksy yet punk track, Patches bring in all their angst and emotion.

Find them on: Spotify, Instagram, Facebook

Nathan Farrell

Nathan Farrell’s vocal acrobatics are breathtaking. His warm voice recalls both classic jazz and groovy R&B in an unapologetically smooth blend. Farrell’s instrumentation, arrangements, and dynamism are impeccable. 

Sounds like: Vintage vinyls, empty streets, New York nights.

Listen to when: Dreaming of the past.

Song recommendation: “City Nights”. Nathan Farrell delivers an instant classic in this jazzy romantic track, which will leave you yearning for love and New York City.

Find them on: Spotify, Instagram.

Caroline Sky

Luminous-voiced Caroline Sky creates exquisite pop. Sky mixes her insightful songwriting with soulful instrumental delivery, giving her music an extraordinary edge. It is impossible not to move and feel moved by her songs. 

Sounds like: Smoky rooms, neon lights, rain.

Listen to when: Taking a cab home.

Song recommendation: “Better Than This”. In this fun and dangerous song, Caroline Sky wishes she knew better than this. Sky will get you dancing AND wondering if you know better.

Find them on: Spotify, Instagram, Facebook

Slow Dakota

Excitingly unpredictable, Slow Dakota is a complex blend of baroque pop, folk, classic and electronic music. With poetic lyrics, fixated on mythology and folklore, every Slow Dakota song feels like a precious work of art. 

Sounds like: Meadows, hand-picked bouquets, midsummer. 

Listen to when: Decomposing in a bog.

Song recommendation: “Slow Dakota Meets Bürstner in the Belly of the Whale”. Slow Dakota builds a bloody and beautiful fairy-tale in this folksy song, the kind that would play in your dreams.

Find them on: Spotify.

Where I wish I was right now by Ashley Canales