Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is directly correlated to your Zoom personality; you just don’t know it yet. 

Let’s be honest, we’ve all become significantly more familiar with Ben & Jerry’s, and all types of ice-cream, through the course of the pandemic. We’ve also become more familiar with Zoom. So let’s combine the two. 

If you eat with your Zoom video on in class, you are Phish Food:

The marshmallow and chocolate goldfish, like you, cannot be stopped. You are brave and bold, a multitasker to be envied. You’ll have people asking what you are eating in the Zoom chat, mirroring the way people ask how to spell “Phish food.” 

If you watch your Zoom class like a movie…you don’t take notes and merely stare at the screen while perfecting your angles…you are Half Baked:

You are the main character through and through. You are the star of the show. You dazzle everyone with your great memorization ability and captivating energy, a combination just as perfect as the mix of cookie dough and brownie Half Baked provides. 

If you are active in the Zoom chat, you are Americone Dream:

You are a conversationalist, but respect other people’s time to talk. I mean Stephen Colbert is packaged on this ice cream both literally and figuratively and that must say something about you. You spice up the Zoom with fun commentary and keep the class interesting. 

If you are verbally participating and the first to answer your professor’s questions, you are Tonight Dough:

Another talk show host ice cream. Again, you are another conversationalist, but are much more vocal with your thoughts just like Jimmy Fallon. You probably go to office hours too…let’s be real you thrive on attention and care!  

If you arrive to class five minutes early to talk to your professor, you are Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz:

I don’t know if this one really needs to be explained, I feel like you get it. That being said, you seem like a morning person, which I can only respect and envy. 

If you never come to lecture and have 15+ to catch up on, you are Chunky Monkey:

Zoom makes you go bananas and you have trouble finding the motivation to rewatch your lectures, which is totally understandable. When you do finally rewatch the lectures, you watch at twice the speed understanding CHUNKS of information with a breeze. 

some yummy ice cream via. Bwog Staff