To all the Marriage Pact matches I have been ghosted by before


I must confess my lack of surprise upon receiving your name in my inbox on that cold November night. Those 12 dark letters, so absolutely yours, instantly pierced my heart. I knew it was you, from the first lines of that email. I knew it from the very beginning.

It seems the gods, for whatever it is worth, have decided to align our lives for once and for all. It seems the red thread of fate connected our two souls for all eternity, my star-crossed darling.

I recall seeing your face in passing on campus, not yet aware of what mischievous cupid had in store for our futures. Your face on the hallways of our dorm. Your face during Bwog meetings, on Slack. You haunt me, my sweet. In my dreams, you appear a million times over, reflected in my mind like a broken mirror.

However, I must say your reaction to our match was rather… Odd. Your very words, I believe, were “LMAO” texted in a group chat. What is that to you, my beloved? What is that to me?

For the next three weeks, I waited for you. Waited for the beginning of the rest of our lives as perfect halves, our match handmade in heaven. It never came. Was it something I did? Am I someone you could not love?

I write to you for the first and last time. I write to reach you, in hopes we can finally be together.

Always yours,
your Marriage Pact match.

Me waiting for you to text me back via Bwog Archive.