Worried about your grades? Fear not! Bwog is here to save your GPA!

So you did ok on that last midterm, huh? Now you’re getting cocky, thinking, “Well, if the curve is this good, maybe I don’t actually need to study for the final.”

But how high of a score do you actually need? Using math and magic, Bwog uses a foolproof method to calculate the exact grade you should aim for.

There are 824 classes at Columbia. The average student takes about 16 credits. 824/16 = 51.5

That’s pretty close to 50% which is how much water is in a glass.

If you look at the glass half full, pass go and collect $200.

If you look at the glass half empty, I’m sorry.

The molecular weight of water is 18.01528 g/mol. 50% of that is 9.00764. 

9.00764 is pretty close to 9.8, the approximation of the acceleration due to gravity on Earth. 

We live on Earth. So do ladybugs. The average ladybug has 2-7 spots, which together makes 27. 

27? That’s pretty low you might think. But we haven’t factored in error

Most people want a 4.0 GPA, but I feel like most people have a 3.3 at best.

4.0 – 3.3 = 0.7, and 0.7 is 70%

27 + 70 = 97

So, to get in A in the class, you should aim for about a 27-97% on the final.

pondering via Bwog archives