Between finals and election, there are several finish-lines in sight.

Bwogline: The U.S presidential election results have been affirmed by the official electoral college vote. Electors convened Monday to submit their votes, making Joe Biden’s victory concrete after weeks of turmoil. Monday night, the president-elect gave a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, calling for national unity and denouncing the president’s attempts to overturn election results (NYT). 

Study Tip: If you’re struggling with being productive and maintaining reasonable serotonin levels when it’s dark out (because it’s almost always dark out), I highly recommend shifting your sleep schedule to wake up as early as you possibly can and doing all of the schoolwork you need to do first thing in the morning and then stop when you’re either done or the sun starts setting. This way, you can relax and reset during the time of day you have the least motivation and you can go to sleep less wired and actually get the hours of REM you desperately need.

Music of the day: Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons. 

Procrastination tip: Stalk your friends on Spotify.

Overseen: So many heartwarming reaction videos of people getting their Barnard early decision results last night!

Dr. Jill Biden’s New House via Bwog Archives