Learn how to improve your sleep schedule before finals!

Happening in the World: Last night in Geneva, Switzerland, Former Liberian rebel commander, Alieu Kosiah, appeared in court for charges of murder, rape, cannibalism, and enslavement to name a few. He was arrested in Switzerland for committing war crimes during the Liberian civil wars. Mr. Kosiah denies all of the allegations against him. He has already served six years in pretrial detention, and the status of his case will continue to be re-evaluated (The New York Times).

Happening in the US: An unnamed patient in her twenties recently received a double lung transplant after suffering irreparable damage caused by COVID-19. In order to receive the transplant, she had to first test negative for COVID-19. Her recovery process took six weeks and required being on a ventilator and extracorporeal membrane oxygen (ECMO), in order to reach a point where the transplant could be possible (Northwestern Medicine).

Happening in New York: While serving jail time for tax fraud, Abdel Solomon–a man from Queens–was discovered to have continued committing fraud behind bars. He allegedly smuggled a smartphone into prison and used it to stay in contact with his clients who, for the most part, oblivious to the situation. Solomon denies smuggling the phone. While incarcerated, Solomon managed to steal more than 470,000 dollars from his clients through their tax returns (The New York Times).

Happening in the Community: As finals ramp up, and people are traveling home, sleep can often be lost due to stress and trying to adjust to time zone changes. Alice! Health Promotion is holding a lecture on Monday, December 7th, to teach about healthy practices surrounding sleep. Registration is required and you can learn more here.

Dog Fact of the Week: In the 1800s, a St. Bernard named Barry saved more than 40 people during his lifetime while working as a mountain rescue dog (MSPCA).

Courtroom via Picryl