Just don’t forget to change them

It’s the middle of essay palooza, but we’re almost past the finish line! Before you turn in all those essays, you need the perfect title. Sometimes inspiration doesn’t strike until the last minute, so in the meantime, you put something else in. Here are Bwog’s go to’s: 

We keep it simple

  • (subject) draft
  • first_draft
  • edited_draft
  • edited_draft_pt2
  • Final_draft
  • Short essay
  • Long essay 
  • (subject) – WORKING

We keep our options open

  • [insert quip]: [insert essay title]
  • [TITLE]
  • Lessons on [X] Through the Lens of [X] and [X]
  • writing thoughts
  • notes? should be notes
  • ____ brain dump

We brainstorm a little

  • Why humans deserve rights
  • Why people deserve to live 
  • Why gofundme isn’t healthcare
  • Biblical fan fiction
  • Literal clown essay (for an essay about circus)

We get a little antsy

  • finallllllll
  • What 

We’ll come back to it later

  • Absolute jello
  • Too much chocolate cake
  • Bad story number 490846820

We offer encouragement:

  • Be productive 
  • Write this fucking Spanish paper
  • Write this fucking Spanish paper part ii
  • this paper sucks
  • I hate this

We get through it

  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

it’s all of us, babies working on laptops via Bwog Archives