Bwog ends the semester with a few closing statements from our [insert adjective here] professors!

The weather outside is frightful,

And our finals are not delightful,

But since we’ve no place to go,

Let us close, let us close, let us close!

As our second semester of Zoom comes to a close, we at Bwog wanted to share with you some final thoughts from our profs.

On Zoom classes:

“Some of you might forever hate Calc II because you took it over Zoom; some of you may forever love it because you got to take it from your bed.”

On ~Increasing Knowledge~:

“Think about how much Python you knew at the beginning of the semester compared to now. I think I could say you know 100% more Python and that’s a win.” 

On doing laundry:

One Bwogger’s anthropology professor reassured their class that they were doing great and that it was okay if they had been wearing the same stinky sweatshirt all semester.

The circle story:

Several of our professors have ended class with “So here we are, at the end… and to that end, we are back where we started. Thank you.”

And the best two pieces of advice:

“I don’t want to turn this into a theology class, but we need to go where the light is.”

“Nothing is certain, you will never truly know the answer, numbers will fool you. Stop trying to resolve things because you can’t.”

Snow on Low via Bwog Archives