Do me a favor and pretend all of those things rhyme for the final Field Notes of this wholly virtual but not wholly terrible semester.

Bwog thrived:

  • Turned 20 on December 20 in 2020
    • Overloaded on the amount of 20s happening
    • Thought that turning 20 would be more fun and zestier than it ended up being since 2020 is, well, 2020
    • But it was still wonderful!
  • Ate excellent bread
  • Discovered new outfit combinations 
  • Finally figured out the best way to wear those surgical masks that are too big for my face
  • Ate a whole marzipan octopus while studying
  • Ripped up documents from a couple of classes I’m now forever finished with (cathartic)
  • Frolicked in the snow
  • Checked in on all my first-year friends to make sure they were doing okay
    • Felt whole :)
  • Asked out my boyfriend on a playground in Riverside!!
    • Am officially cuffed for the first time ever!!
  • Finished my 23-page seminar paper! Early!
  • Got so high before a presentation that I don’t remember it or the six hours that followed
    • The professor loved it

Bwog survived:

  • Somehow finished five classes in the span of three days
  • Fought Audacity
  • Ripped up documents from a couple of classes I’m now forever finished with (cathartic)
  • Punted on a number of finals
  • Cried so hard to Taylor Swift I almost threw up
  • Wailed in a whale-cry-like manner upon every slightest inconvenience
  • Put off every important thing I needed to get done
    • I still haven’t done most of them
  • Went to Dunkin just to hear the sweet employees call me “love”
  • Was bullied by my grandma :(
  • Sat outside for an hour in 20-degree weather because my mother locked her keys in her car
    • She argued that it was my fault for locking the door, and not hers for leaving her keys in the ignition
  • Wrote too many pages in too little time
    • The result is a delirious argument vocalized through Foucault

Bwog simply lived, which would rhyme and keep up the theme if English weren’t such a hell language:

  • Got ignored by a dog
    • Did not get ignored by the various neighborhood cats who have become my closest companions this semester
  • Went to the grocery store thrice in two days 
  • Thought about Martin Shkreli for the first time ever 
  • Got a spam email from someone purporting to have taken a video of me watching porn
    • Their evidence? They knew a hacked password of mine that I used regularly… when I was eight and playing Henry Stickmin on
  • Hung out with my dog and was reassured by his empty-headed doggy presence
  • Lost no fewer than five Scrabble games in a row
    • Was absolutely demoralized
  • Listened to ska
  • Just sat outside for a while and thought

Image of some NYC snow but, like, in an apocalyptic Fall 2020 way via Pxhere