Bwog ruminates on the duration of this semester’s winter break.

Choosing to make the break following one of the longest semesters (emotionally) in recent history a mere 18 days WAS an act of violence and no one can convince me otherwise.

In the spirit of fully coming to terms with the length of this break, we have compiled a list of things that are longer than it!

  1. A caterpillar’s tennis racket, probably.
  2. The line for the JJ’s cook station.
  3. The plot of The Iliad if Achilles and Patroclus had just admitted their love for one another.
  4. The total page count of all of my final papers this semester combined.
  5. The last 5% of a phone’s battery life.
  6. The line for Ferris grilled cheeses.
  7. My period, sometimes.
  8. My (very limited) attention span.
  9. The shelf life of milk.
  10. The SparkNotes for the reading I told myself did not matter but DEFINITELY did.
  11. The Georgian Armenian War of 1918!
  12. Men’s 5-inch inseam shorts.
  13. The rental time for the books I checked out from the library in a burst of ambition that most definitely will not be finished before classes resume.
  14. The walk of shame from Butler back to your room after you failed to complete a single assignment.
  15. A SINGLE week of March 2020.
  16. The go-around question at the last ~extra-curricular~ Zoom meeting I attended.
  17. A conversation between me and my next Tinder match when I inevitably re-download it just to feel something later this break.
  18. The walk up to the 7th floor of Hamilton.
  19. This list!

Header via Bwog Archives