You are in a brilliantly redundant discussion section or in an incredibly awkward breakout room when, all of a sudden, your internet connection dies. We’ve all been there, and we’re all petrified it will happen again. 

Here are some suggestions on what to do when your internet connection fails you:

  • Handwrite your assignment and send it through a carrier pigeon. Make sure to request an extension!
  • Embrace the glitch! Form your discussion section response into an EDM track.
  • Your computer is not the only piece of technology you have! Translate your assignment into morse code and blink it to your bedroom lights. Your answers will come to your professors in the form of a vision. 
  • Scream (or sing for those musically inclined) your answers into the abyss. The next time your professor opens up Spotify, your response will appear in the “Made for You” playlist. 
  • I don’t know much about Computer Science majors, but maybe you can reinvent the internet?
  • Your internet connection dropping is a sign: drop the class. 

In the rare event that none of those solutions work for you, here are a couple that might be more effective:

  • If your data is still working, message a friend in the class and ask them to tell your professor or TA about the issue. This is what friends are for!
  • When your wifi starts up again, send an email to your professor explaining your situation.
  • If your internet connection has been spotty for a while and you are worried about your connection dropping out during an exam, reach out to your professor beforehand and ask them what they expect you to do in the case of technical difficulties.

Overall, most professors are lovely and will understand if you face any wifi-related difficulties (this is what I am trying to convince myself). It will be okay!

lapytop via Bwog Archives