On Tuesday afternoon, a pigeon flew into a Bwog Staffer’s window and stared into their soul. The moment was so moving the young writer eternalized it in the poem New York Times critics have called “very weird and confusing.” Enjoy this touching transcription of this moment in the poet’s life.

Our meeting was fated

I know

Your bright yellow eyes

Like gold

Stared deeply into mine

Heartbeat quick,

Too fast

It’s much too early

And I need to rest

But there you stood:

Tiny pigeon, and I would

Die to understand

What you wanted to tell me but

Again I’m just a child

In a Zoom lecture

Maybe you are God

Trying to bring me direction

But maybe you are me,

Flying and being free

The life I wish I lead but

I don’t

Stuck in this tower of glass

Mid-class, I scream

My roommate thinks

I saw a beast which isn’t true:

I saw you.

Sometimes I dream I am flying and when I wake up I am very upset via Bwog Archives