Becoming a Daily for Bwog will land you among the ranks of Addison and Charli… maybe…

Bwog has been publishing articles on our website every day that school is in session (and sometimes beyond the semester’s limits) since January 30, 2006. Our site would have remained dormant years ago were it not for the wondrous and dedicated Daily Editors who quite literally keep this thing running!

Daily Editors are the backbone of this absurdly kooky and absolutely lovely organization. Daily Editors are responsible for putting up Bwoglines and pressing ‘Publish’ on every post scheduled by our managing editor on a certain day each week. You essentially get to run the site alongside the editors of Bwog.

All you have to do is fill out the application found below and send it to by next Friday, January 22 at 11:59 pm EST. The application should be submitted in a PDF titled “*First Name* App.” The application process is meant to give us an idea of who you are, why you want to help us run the site, and any other ~quirky~ information you’d like to share. We will be announcing our Spring 2021 Dailies at our meeting on Sunday, January 24 at 9:00 pm EST via Zoom. The Zoom link for this Sunday’s open meeting (January 17, the first open meeting of the semester) will be posted on this Facebook page so you can get a feel for Bwog’s vibes. Please email us at if you don’t have a Facebook account to access the link and we can email it to you.

If you’d like to apply to be both a Staff Writer and Daily Editor, feel free to submit a single application with the position you’d prefer clearly indicated.

Daily Editor application:

About Bwog:

  • Tell us about one Bwog post you liked, one post you didn’t like, and why for both.
  • What is your favorite tag?
  • Come up with three sample post ideas that you would like to see on Bwog.
  • Draw Bwog.

About you:

  • Why do you want to join Bwog?
  • What do you think Bwog is?
  • You’re taking Bwog out on a date! What would you do? Where would you go?
  • What about Columbia might you be interested in writing about?
  • Send us a screenshot of the open tabs on your browser.
  • How do you manage your time?
  • What three days work best for you to Daily?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Rush Bwog…if you see this and don’t want to apply, yes you do <3

screenshot of our tiktok from my phone