Look ma! A titanosaur!

Happening in the World: Paleontologists in Argentina’s northwest Patagonia have discovered what they believe to be one of the largest sauropods that have ever lived. The 98 million-year-old titanosaur is said to be 37 meters long. Titanosaur fossils have been found on every continent except for Antarctica. While very large, the paleontologists must first analyze the dinosaur’s humerus or femur to determine how much it weighed. However, the scientists believe that this partially recovered dinosaur could be one of the largest Titanosaurs, with a probable body mass compared to the 40-meter long Argentinosaurus. (CNN)

Happening in the US: As part of the executive orders signed by President Biden on Thursday, face coverings are required on interstate travel—meaning planes, trains, and buses, that cross state lines. While airlines, in particular, have had mask mandates in place, they have had trouble enforcing it as some passengers still refuse to wear one. Airlines have banned thousands due to non-compliance, but many still refuse to comply by wearing a mask. Now, federal penalties are in place (such as large fines), which may be a greater deterrent than being banned from a certain airline. (NPR

Happening in NYC: The 24th Council District will be the first district in New York City to participate in ranked-choice voting today. This special election is being held to fill a vacancy in the City Council for eastern Queens, the first of several primaries in the run-up to the Mayoral Election in June. Many look to this election as a testing ground for the ranked-choice voting system—which has already been implemented in other municipalities such as San Fransisco and Minneapolis. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: The Rare Book and Manuscript Library is holding a discussion with artist, editor, and publisher, Felicia Rice. Moving Parts Press: Rising from the Ashes will discuss Rice’s movement into a new studio after her home and letterpress studio burned in a fire in the CZU Lighting fire. Felicia’s Moving Parts Press has been printing fine art and literary works—beautifully produced and often in collaboration with Latinx authors and artists. The event is on Tuesday, January 26 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. (Columbia Events)

Documentary of the Week: That one episode of Disenchantment with the cool mermaid.

that’s one big dinosaur! via Wikimedia Commons