Communism is when you invest in GameStop, and the more you invest the communister it is.

Happening in the world: Russia’s parliament quickly agreed to approve an extension of the New START Treaty with the United States, a nuclear arms control agreement that had been set to lapse under the Trump administration. Russia has offered to extend the treaty for another five years, even as it’s pulled out of others such as the Open Skies Treaty. (AP News)

Happening in the US: GameStop shares continued to surge as amateur investors from trading apps like Robinhood continue to pile into the company, resulting in huge losses for some short-sellers, while others have poured more money in and doubled down on their bets against the company’s future. Trading stopped yesterday five times due to volatility and state regulators now believe something may be “systemically wrong” with the stock, but interest appears unabated. (Reuters)

Happening in NYC: The NYC Board of Elections has announced it will hand-count the special City Council election currently underway in Queens, as they await permission from the State BOE to use their planned vendor’s tabulation software. This election has been a contentious issue for election authorities, as it represents New York’s first experiment with ranked-choice voting. (Gothamist)

Happening on campus: Barnard will be having a workshop tomorrow to reduce your digital carbon footprint. Both are good kinds of footprints to reduce, so this could be good for you.