Winter break was brief, but our shenanigans? Endless.

Bwog returns from our shortest winter break ever with some tales from home!

Bwog practiced self care: 

  • read for fun, which was so restorative
  • got disposable cameras and wandered around my hometown with my hometown best friends
  • ran a lot
  • took three hour long walks by the beach
  • relaxed for the first time all year
  • did not go on Zoom a single time

Bwog enjoyed good food and tested our culinary skills:

  • roasted and consumed over 10 pounds of potatoes 
  • indulged in the big three vices (chicken mcnuggets, root beer float, bailey’s) for a bwogger’s 21st birthday
  • failed at making dumplings 
  • roasted marshmallows on a fire for the first time in forever
  • baked until we ran out of pretty much every essential ingredient

Bwog also reached some new lows over break:

  • was trapped on the side of a mountain and then there was a winter storm…oops
  • had vivid nightmares about planes
  • went on several very muddy walks
  • was popping open the Trader Joe’s sparkling wine to toast to the Georgia Senate wins at a crisp 2:10 pm on Wednesday, January 6—then checked the news

Bwog celebrated New Year’s Eve:

  • drank pink lemonade mimosas and had dinner while EDM played in the background
  • celebrated by watching the finale of 1995 Pride and Prejudice
  • literally missed the year changing over—the perfect 2020 send-off

Mountain via Bwog Archives