Yes, this post is about how I’m procrastinating on the homework I haven’t done for section tomorrow. 

The first week of classes is widely accepted to be one of the worst experiences of the semester. You’re gambling on waitlist positions. You’re sleuthing around for illegal downloads of your required textbooks. You’re begging strangers for syllabi in your class Facebook groups. Of course, remote instruction adds another layer of despair to this already terrible week. How can we bring ourselves to register for yet another semester of online learning, after two semesters of it already? With all these factors, the first week of classes is certifiably a mess.

As a concession to this generally disastrous state, most classes that have a discussion section will not start meeting in sections until the second week of classes. This is a beneficial move for everyone. The students have a bit more time to solidify their schedule and choose a section time that suits them the best, and the instruction teams gain a better sense of final enrollment numbers, and whether additional sections should be added or dropped.

But not everyone chooses to abide by this sensible system. Some discussion sections start this week (!). In what world does this make sense? Most people’s schedules are still very up in the air, so many students will not be able to make it to a section. I can guarantee that there isn’t ANY coursework that can’t wait until section next week, or a lecture this week.

So, to the discussion sections that start this week, I beg you to please reconsider. You would be doing us all a favor. 

Could I beat them in a fight? Yes. I could take on every discussion section in this school, and I would win.
Self-defense tip: Just don’t go to section! (Bwog does not endorse skipping classes).

Me fighting every discussion section at this school via Pixabay