You don’t have to be living in the dorms to experience the masterpiece that is residential hall themes, signs, and name cards.

 I am not living in the dorms this semester and, at this point, don’t know the next time I will be. One might miss the community, communal showers, and atmosphere, but for me, my heart was broken–empty–when I realized I wouldn’t be able to experience the decorated residential halls, each with its own unique theme. 

I knew I had to recreate the one thing I felt was missing to feel whole again. Being the person I am, my theme of choice was Danny Devito. I can’t describe what compelled me to choose Danny, a person, as my theme of choice, but doing exactly what I pleased gave me a little glimpse into the wondrous creative powers of RAs. As soon as I started drawing Danny Devito, I knew I had made the right choice. I photoshopped my roommates’ unique hairstyles on my Danny Devito drawing and converted them into name cards, fulfilling my hall-decor dreams.

See below for reference:

I knew that if I could feel so content by creating my own residential hall theme, I wanted to help others do the same. 

So here it is…a list of potential residential hall themes and how to recreate them in your very own living quarters: 

  • The Little Mermaid 
    • Get kelp from the ocean and pin it to your wall
    • Put shells around your room
    • Play “part of that world” on repeat to remind yourself of the college student world you wish you were still part of
  • Cupcakes 
    • Print out photos of cupcakes 
      • Alternatively: make cupcakes and tape them to your door
      • Replace cupcakes after they have become moldy 
  • Spongebob Squarepants 
    • Print out Spongebob memes
    • Tape sponges onto your door and around the living space for optimal ambiance 
  • Highlighters 
    • Tape highlighters to your door or alternatively use those highlighters to draw highlighters on sheets of paper instead  
      • If you do this, you will be the highlight of my life 
        • ^ I’m sorry for the above statement. 
  • Bridgerton 
    • Print out photos of Bridgerton 
    • Photoshop your face on your favorite character 
    • Play the soundtrack for the show 
      • pretend to fall in love 
  • TikTok 
    • Print screenshots of your favorite TikTok videos 
    • Create a step by step instruction manual for your favorite Tiktok dance 
      • Put this around your living quarters so you never forget
  • Bwog 
    • Print out photos of your favorite articles 
      • Or your favorite comments
      • Or your favorite Instagram post 
        • Put these photos everywhere
        • Experts believe you can never have enough Bwog content 

Happy decorating! 

dorm hall via Bwarchives 

Danny Devito via anonymous