A staff writer reflects on her time spent in the dark.

Over the past week and a half or so, I have been sitting in the dark. Literally.

Let me explain.

In the dorm I quarantined in, as well as my regular room, the light switch is all the way across the room and the lights turn off every three hours, which under normal circumstances, even with me being lazy, isn’t actually a big deal.

But before I came back to campus, I made my MCL go snap crackle pop like a rice krispie treat, I have suddenly been faced with lights that turn off every three hours and it actually being hard to turn them back on.

Confronted by my inability to turn on my lights, I simply sit in a dark room. I read PDFs of all of the textbooks I didn’t actually buy in the dark, use the headlamp I keep in my desk to read actual physical books, and am reminded of exactly what I did to reach this point.

world of darkness via Wikimedia Commons