What do you miss most about life from 10 months ago?

Bwog is truly sick of the pandemic, and we would love for our lives to return to normal. What is normal you might ask? Well, we have compiled a list of the most random and obscure hallmarks of normalcy.

Here is a list of things Bwoggers are dreaming of doing once the pandemic is over:

  • Eating at the Diana salad bar with carefree abandon
  • Passing around a bowl of grapes at Bwog meetings in Lerner 510 without worrying about the 49 other people who touched the grapes before you
  • Holding hands
  • Singing sea shanties on a boat
  • Sharing baked goods with friends and having to worry only about allergens, and not infectious diseases
  • Kissing friends’ hands like they are the fairest maidens in the land
  • Holding onto subway poles. Nothing gets Bwoggers feeling nostalgic like some grimy subway poles.
  • Having sleepovers
  • Wearing glasses without them fogging up. Bwog hates deciding between getting COVID and being able to see.
  • Drinking jungle juice from a shared tub
  • Playing Rage Cage and other drinking games
  • Fighting over green chairs in Milstein because it is finally crowded enough again for them to be a commodity
  • Going to the movies

Nevertheless, until the pandemic is over and everyone is vaccinated, please refrain from participating in any and all of these activities. Stay safe and wear a mask <3

Impatiently awaiting the time when holding hands is socially accepted via Bwog Archives