“Fashion worth fighting for.

Happening in the World: A Vincent Van Gogh painting, A Street Scene In Montmartre, has finally gone on display for the first time in 100 years. The painting, estimated at eight million euros, has remained in private collections for most of the time since it was painted in 1887. A Street Scene in Montmartre will be displayed at Sotheby’s auction houses in Paris, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong before its sale on March 25th. (BBC)

Happening in the US: On Wednesday, President Joe Biden lifted a freeze on green cards ordered by the Trump administration during the pandemic, who cited a need to protect American jobs during the pandemic. This is one of many executive orders and directives reversing Trump-era immigration policies by the Biden administration. (New York Times)

Happening in NYC: After closing amid bankruptcy during the pandemic, the iconic NYC department store, Century 21, is making a comeback in the city. Shoppers and bargain-hunters mourned the shuttering of stores across the tri-state area after 60 years of running. To the delight of many, the company formally announced that it is currently working planning to re-open stores, saying we should “Never count out a New Yorker.” (FOX 5 NY)

Happening in Our Community: Opera is no longer the out-of-reach elite art form you thought it was. Join B’scursions in viewing a live virtual performance by MET Opera star Sonya Yoncheva this Saturday, February 27th at 1 pm EST. Sign up here

Cover Song of the Week: “Hurt” by Johnny Cash (originally by Trent Reznor)

department store! via Wikimedia Commons