All the things we’ll be doing this spring break.

Here at Bwog we like to get wild. We like to get crazy. We like to party like there’s no tomorrow. Obviously, this year is the perfect year to let loose over spring break. 

So here are all the most fun, most exciting, most Instagrammable ways we will be getting lit this week:

1. Throwing a huge party…in our mouths with Pop Rocks TM.

2. Traveling…from our bedrooms to our fridges, to get snacks.

3. Going out…to the grocery store to pick up some necessities. 

4. Going hard…on our daily walks around the block. Maybe we’ll even do a little jog.

5. Vacationing on some tropical island…in the Sims (maybe with a daiquiri in hand).

6. Taking shots…of the vaccine, if we are eligible. 

7. Enjoying tonight like there’s no tomorrow…by staying up late to binge-watch our favorite Netflix shows and then sleeping in.

8. Getting crunk…with our roommates, to make sure our quarantine bubble isn’t broken.

9. Avoiding acting selfishly…and finding ways to have fun without exposing our community to a deadly virus, despite the fact that it may be not as fun as in past years.

Have a safe, COVID-friendly spring break everyone. Bwog will see you bright and early next Monday.

party via Flickr and grocery store via Flickr