The weather outside is delightful, actually. Perfect weather for building a snowman.

We didn’t get a snow day, despite our best efforts, but since it’s still snowing in this part of the world, we can at least make some fun snowmen/sculptures, can’t we? Here are some top-notch ideas of sculptures that you can make that are both eye-catching and extremely Columbia-themed:

  • PrezBo
  • An abstract sculpture representing the stress we all feel as midterms encroach upon us
  • Alma
  • Pan
  • Greek Games (use one of the big lawn spaces on campus if you’re nearby – this’ll be a big one)
  • Roar-ree
  • Millie
  • GS Owl
  • Whatever mascot SEAS has
  • An igloo (for emotional breakdowns)
  • The worst piece of John Jay sushi you’ve ever had
  • A paper bag from Hewitt/John Jay
  • A warm pasty from Hungarian (but not too warm because then your sculpture will melt)
  • A CU beanie
  • A Valentine’s Day heart for PrezBo
  • A Canada Goose jacket
  • A 1:1 replica of the Vampire Weekend chandelier
  • The Tooth (bonus points if your sculpture spins!)
  • A Ferris Buffalo chicken wrap
  • The Lit Hum curriculum etched into sheets of ice
  • The ladies from the Butler banner
  • A Milstein green chair

Image via Bwog Archives