If one more person takes the elevator down from five, I will lose my mind.

It is widely acknowledged that the John Jay elevators take forever to get anywhere. Social distancing protocols, which allow only two people in the elevators at a time, have only compounded this issue. 

Yet for some absolutely incomprehensible reason, people who live on the fifth and sixth floors continue to take the elevators not just up to their floors, which they could easily walk to, but DOWN.

Taking the elevator down from these floors is where I absolutely draw the line. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TAKING THE ELEVATOR DOWN FROM THESE FLOORS???? We all know it would probably be faster to take the stairs. We all know that with the two-person limit, it’s probably full by the time it reaches your floor. Yet all of you seem to enjoy the pain you cause to those of us who live on floors with two digits. 

Now let us be clear, low floor inhabitants: take the fucking stairs. Take the stairs up to your floor. It is not hard. It will probably be faster, especially when there is a line for the elevator. Just because you have the privilege of both elevators going to your floor doesn’t mean you have to cause wait times for the rest of us. 

But taking the elevator down from the low floors is honestly just a crime. If the elevator stops one more time on my way down to the dining hall on floor five or six, I am going to lose my damn mind. TAKE THE FUCKING STAIRS PLEASE AND THANKS.

Elevator buttons via Bwog archives.