Are you a rising senior looking for senior housing without the noise and hubbub of EC? Hogan might just be the perfect option for you!

Location: 566 West 114th Street (just off of Broadway). Shares an entrance with Broadway.

Nearby dorms: Broadway (use the same entrance), Ruggles, Carman, John Jay, Furnald, all the 114th brownstones (Frat Row), and Schapiro (ish).

Nearby stores and restaurants: Starbucks, Dos Toros, Wu and Nussbaum, Sweetgreen, International, Community Food and Juice, Häagen Dazs, Junzi, Dig Inn, Milano, Le Monde, Tom’s, Book Culture, and University Hardware

Cost: Upperclass rates are projected to be $10,474/year for 2021-2022.

Room Variety:

  • 4-, 5-, and 6-person suites with single rooms
  • 26 suites total
  • 116 singles total
  • Floors two through six have three, 4-person suites and two, 5-person suites
  • Floor seven is a 6-person suite with the Senior RA


  • Bathroom: One private bathroom per suite, cleaned once per week.
  • AC/Heating: No A/C, but there is heating in each bedroom.
  • Lounge: There is a computer lab, study lounge, and TV lounge in the Broadway lobby on the ground floor. Each suite has a pretty large living room with a couch, coffee table, comfy chair, and dining table.
  • Kitchen: Each suite has a private kitchen with a dishwasher.
  • Laundry: One free laundry room on the 7th floor.
  • Fire escape: None.
  • Bike storage: There is a small bike storage room on the first floor.
  • Computers/printers: Shared computer lab and printers with Broadway.
  • Gym: No gym in Hogan, but residents have access to a gym on the fourth floor of broadway.
  • Hardwood/carpet: All hardwood/linoleum. Carpet only in hallways.
  • Intra-transportation: One elevator.


Numbers are not currently available for 2020. Below are the numbers for 2017-2019:

  • 4-Person Suites: 30/1292 (2018-19), 30/1812 (2017-8)
  • 2 in 4 Person Suite w/ RA: 30/2423 (2018-9), 30/1811 (2017-8)
  • 5-Person Suites: 30/1534 (2018-9), 30/2189 (2017-8)
  • 4 in 6 Person Suite w/RA: 30/1499 (2018-9), 30/1864 (2017-2018)

Bwog Recommendations:

Hogan may not have the views offered by EC, but it’s quieter, warmer, and much closer to pretty much everything. If you’re a senior with a good lottery number who can live without A/C, Hogan is the place for you!


  • “The living rooms in Hogan are super spacious and can fit a ton of people.”
  • “The location is so much better than EC, but you still get your own room, a living room, and a kitchen.”


Hogan street view from Wikimedia Commons

Hogan from the inside via Bwarchives