For sophomores looking for a single with okay lottery numbers, Wien could be for you.

Location: 411 West 116th Street (between Amsterdam Ave and Morningside Drive)

Nearby dorms: East Campus (and if you’re really looking for a dining hall, John Jay)

Stores and restaurants: Hamilton Deli, Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor, 116th halal carts (both of ’em), Lenfest Cafe 

Cost: $9,872/year (standardized)


  • Bathrooms: Each floor has one men’s communal bathroom, one women’s communal bathroom, and one gender-neutral single-stall with a shower. All bathrooms have one sink, three showers, and three toilets, with the men’s featuring two urinals.
  • AC/Heating: No A/C, but heating either doesn’t work or works too well.
  • Kitchen: There’s a kitchen on the second floor, and some of the renovated floors have a kitchenette in the lounge.
  • Lounge:
    • There is a floor lounge that you will never use regularly unless you are a pianist looking to share your talent with the world, or someone who wants to listen to various pianists practice.
    • Each floor has a lounge with sofas, a kitchen, and a TV.
  • Laundry: Eight washers and nine dryers available on the second floor for no cost.
  • Computers/Printers: There’s a computer lounge with one iMac, three Dell computers, and a printer on the second floor, as well as a printer on the first floor in the lobby.
  • Fire escapes: Nope.
  • Bike storage: See “Fire escapes.”
  • Gym: Nope. Go to dodge like everybody else.
  • Intra-transportation: Two elevators and an extremely conspicuous stairway.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Rooms and lounges are hardwood; hallways are carpet. (Save for the second-floor lounge, which is carpet.)
  • Wifi: Nothing special, exactly what you’ll get on the rest of campus.
  • Extras:
    • Wien’s basement houses the Mail Center. This is especially appreciated when it’s raining and you don’t have to trudge back to your dorm with a mattress topper in tow.
    • The third floor is, per Housing, an “all-female floor.” So for the women looking for a single with marginal lottery numbers, this can give you a better shot.
    • Columbia Law School is right next to Wien. It’s a good study space, especially if you’re trying to pull an all-nighter. Doors may close at 10 pm, but when you’re in, you’re in.
    • Right next to PrezBo’s house, if you care about that.
    • You get a sink in your room, which doesn’t sound like a big deal initially, but when you’re out of it at 3 am and don’t have to leave your room to wash your face and brush your teeth, is a big deal.

Room variety:

  • 283 singles and 45 doubles. 
  • Singles average around 110 square feet.
  • Standard doubles (16) average around 200 square feet. 
  • Walk-through doubles (29) average around 290 square feet.
  • Residents are mainly sophomores and juniors, with a smattering of seniors.

Bwog’s Recommendation:

The lighting in the Wien hallways makes you feel just a little like you’re in a horror movie. That being said, it’s honestly a pretty fine dorm as long as you’re not looking for a super social dorm. Having a single, as the majority of Wien residents do, is great, and being in the same building as the mail center is very convenient. And, of course, the sinks in the room are a godsend. 

Resident Opinions:

  • “Don’t go to Wien expecting a great deal of “floor culture;” there’s barely any.”
  • “I would protect my sink with my life.”
  • “Rooms can get a little hot, but just open your window and it should be fine.”
  • “If you have a room facing Morningside, it’s a great view.”
  • “Having the Mail Center in the basement saved me many trips outside in gross weather.”
  • “Decent option for a single as a junior.”

Wien Wien Wien via Bwarchives