Love Bwog but hate writing? Join Bwog tech!

Breaking news about a toxic club? Ranking Columbia dining halls a million different ways? Making fun of something a professor did on Zoom? Columbia’s #1 source for everything happening on campus, Bwog articles cover every possible facet of being a student here.

But what if you hate writing? Can you still get involved? Yes!

Do you love web development? Do you want to work on a site that is viewed 25k+ times a week? Do you want actual real-world experience you can put on your resume? And of course, do you want to be a part of a dope community and be the first to learn about all kinds of Columbia gossip, all without having to write a single article?

Join Bwog Tech! Let the writers handle the content, all you need to do is work with our team to help improve our website!

We are looking for:

  • A front-end developer. Someone comfortable with CSS and preferably php, who has an eye for web design.
  • A back-end developer. Someone comfortable with databases, servers, and website hosting.

To apply: Answer the following questions, save them as a PDF titled “Firstname Lastname Tech App”, and send them to by midnight February 20th.

Technical stuff:

  • What is your web dev experience? Have you taken classes? Worked on a personal project? Link anything you feel is relevant.
  • Have you ever worked on a web team for an organization before? If so, link the website and briefly describe your contribution. 
  • What is your favorite news website in general? Which specific features do you like?

Bwog stuff: 

  • What do you think Bwog is?
  • What is something you like about the Bwog website?
  • What is one idea you have to make it better?
  • Would you be able to commit at least two hours a week dedicated to just Bwog website work?

Header via Bwog and Shutterstock