Need to print  your Fro Sci homework at the last minute? Do you require a tangible page of paper to complete your reading assignment? Bwog’s here to help you navigate the new printing system on campus.

If you have had the privilege to wander through John Jay’s lobby or trek through Butler’s halls, you may have noticed a slight change to the printing system. While printing on campus before consisted of the tedious task of installing PawPrint, hitting print, going to the printer, typing in your UNI, and then receiving the printed paper you desire, this new system is more streamlined.

Uploading print jobs has been left mostly unchanged. However, there are now touch-free modifications to accommodate physical health and hygiene measures. After uploading files either through print drivers on one’s computer or through the print center website, the student must tap their CUID at a printing station, and everything queued will automatically print.

Bwog reached out to CUIT to better understand this change. According to a CUIT spokesperson, the decision to go touch-free was mostly based on following COVID-19 social distancing protocols that affect most on-campus services. These changes include removing as many high-touch surfaces as possible, such as keyboards and computer mice. “Most of our lab spaces have gone fully remote in accordance with this as well which we think has largely been successful,” the spokesperson clarified. “It allows students to access specialized software that their program normally provides through on campus computers, without having to be on site.”

None of the print stations have been relocated, although some that were within 6 feet of another printer have been disabled due to social distancing guidelines.

A list of print station locations can be found here.

Image via Bwog Archive