Bwoggers witnessed an outdoor tent fully raised on Futter Field today.

A temporary tent now sits on Futter Field within Barnard’s campus. Plywood has covered the grass on Barnard College’s largest green space, Futter Field, to ensure an even surface atop which the large tent-like structure sits. Inside the tent, folding chairs and small, round tables are being arranged. Garbage cans, recycling bins, and hand sanitizers also seem to be placed throughout the structure. There are also several smaller tents nearby.

This tent resembles Columbia’s temporary tent, placed near John Jay Dining Hall, used for outdoor eating and gathering to promote ventilation in the face of the COVID-19 virus. Bwog has inquired about the changes to Futter Field in the past month, and the College previously told us that “Barnard will restore the grass on Futter Field when the tents are removed.” 

Update on March 1 at 7 pm: Bwog has received comments on the tents from a Barnard College spokesperson, which can be found below.

Barnard College is not converting Futter Field into a permanent patio, which is a rumor that’s been circulating. The snow was simply cleared off the lawn to make way for some temporary tents. The grass on Futter Field will be restored once the tents are removed. We won’t make a decision on the timing of that until we see how the pandemic evolves over the course of the spring and summer.

Update on March 8 and 1 pm: According to Barnard’s Instagram story, the tent is open between 9 am and 5 pm. Masks are required unless you are eating.

Futter Tent via Bwogger’s iPhone