Loneliness can be draining, especially if you feel most energized around others. In a socially distanced world, how can extroverted people thrive? Bwog Staff brings you Covid-safe tips for your need to overshare and hold hands! 

Be proactive!

  • Plan social events in advance, even if it’s just FaceTime.
    • Knowing that you have a whole weekend void of plans might seem super productive on Monday, but come Saturday your brain will be in an insane place you don’t want it to be. 
  • Know yourself and prepare for that! Text people in advance!

Anytime is a good time to call!

  • Calling people while making dinner feels so much more intimate and personable than just sitting at a desk and video-chatting. It’s a little chaotic because you are cooking but that’s part of the fun! 
  • Hold Zoom study sessions with friends! You can hold each other accountable for all the work you need to do, but also enjoy each other’s company. 

Go outside! 

  • It’s life-changing.
    • Yes, it’s about vitamin D.
    • But it is also about walking around and seeing other people walk their dogs or play with their kids and generally be happy! 
    • Not even interacting directly with people but remembering you are part of a Society, and that Is a good thing.

Voice messages!

  • It’s a happy medium between texting and FaceTime.
    • Hear your friends’ voices without having to go on yet another Zoom call… 

Find a walking buddy!

  • Someone you can always hit up for a walk. A double whammy of vitamin D and also vitamin F, friendship

Send your friends vlogs!

  • Snapchat style, just a short video of whatever you’re doing and whatever you’re thinking about. 
  • Share your life with them, even from a distance.

Small talk!

  • If you are picking up food or doing anything where a server/barista/checkout person is involved, talk to them!
  • It can be so nice to exchange a more heartfelt like “Hi, how are you! Yes, I’m doing alright, too—excited about the warm weather!” type of small talk.
  • Have a brief moment of human conversation and connection with a stranger instead of relative polite silence.

Riverside Park, my beloved via Bwog Archive.