We’re only four days into housing selection? *vomits*

It’s official, the seniors are two thirds of the way done with selection! It may seem like we’ve been doing this for hundreds of years at this point, but sophomores and juniors buckle in because there are still hundreds to go. At least that Prezbo email gave us some hope that campus life will actually be a thing next year.

As we end day four, many of us are on the edge of our seats watching all of the 4-person suites slip between our fingers. 5-person suites and 6-person suites are going surprisingly slow (or unsurprisingly, I don’t know!), with more than half of EC still being up for grabs. If you want to stay up to date and see if your group has any shot at these suites, stay tuned to our twitter thread where we’ll update room availability in real time.

What’s gone:

  • Ruggles 2-person suites
  • EC 2 person-suites

What’s scarce:

  • 5 Nuss singles
  • 1 Claremont 3-person suite
  • 1 Ruggles 3-person suite
  • 4 Claremont 4-person suites
  • 2 EC 4-person suites (they’re RA suites)
  • 1 Hogan 4-person suite (an RA suite)
  • 1 Ruggles 4-person suite

What’s left:

  • 225 Broadway singles
  • 22 Carlton singles
  • 22 River singles
  • 195 Schapiro singles
  • 186 Wien singles
  • 50 Woodbridge 2-person suites
  • 38 EC 5-person suites (all with one double)
  • 21 EC 6-person townhouses (14 all singles, 7 with a double)

Looking ahead: The next few days we will see the unlucky senior groups (me! That’s me!) scramble for EC high rises and coveted all-single suites. If I’m doing the math correctly, though, it seems that there are less large groups than usual, and some lucky junior groups will be able to live in dorms that typically go to seniors.

Ruggles via Bwog Archives