Howdy folks! It’s another day in the wild west*  

*Columbia housing selection

Today, seniors picked up some coveted housing, including singles and suites in Nuss, EC, and Claremont, to name a few. We also saw our first building blackout with Hogan (Hogone) Hall. In the coming days, we’ll watch the remaining senior groups vie for the last of the all-single suites and big-ticket buildings like EC. 

To stay on top of the selection process, stay tuned to our ongoing Twitter thread where we post updates in real-time. If you’re having trouble deciding what to go for as things whittle down, check out our housing reviews, newly updated for 2021.

What’s Gone: 

  • 3-person Claremont suites  
  • Singles in 627 West 115
  • Everything in Hogan

What’s Scarce: 

  • 1 Nuss single 
  • 1 EC 4-person suite
  • 1 Claremont 2-person suite (RA suite)
  • 1 Ruggles 3-person suite (RA suite)
  • 1 Ruggles 4-person suite 
  • 2 627 West 115 3-person suites 
  • 4 Claremont 4-person suites

What’s Still Left: 

  • 213 Broadway singles
  • 21 Carlton singles
  • 15 River singles
  • 193 Schapiro singles
  • 183 Wien singles
  • 30 Woodbridge 2-person suites
  • 31 EC 5-person suites (all with one double)
  • 12 EC 6-person townhouses (5 all singles, 7 with a double)

Looking Ahead:

That’s a wrap for the first full week of housing selection! The last of the seniors will pick on Monday and Tuesday and then the juniors and sophomores will scramble for what’s left. Hang on to your hats!

Hogan is the Main Character Via Bwog Archives