Columbia housing day 8! Give it up for day 8!

Today was the first day of all-junior groups picking, and things are starting to get a little more distressing. My personal apologies to all of the tight-knit four-person groups out there who have yet to pick, because all four-person suites went out the door today and you’re going to have to split up. Suite pickings are getting slim in general, and there are still six (6!) more days of junior group selection. But hey! If you’ve never fallen prey to Columbia housing selection, did you even go to Columbia?

In the meantime, the first to know when this institution crushes our housing dreams by checking our live Twitter thread, and let our housing reviews help you decide which 100-square-foot single is right for you!

What’s Gone:

  • Claremont four-person suites
  • 627 West 115 studio doubles
  • Woodbridge two-person suites
  • All three- and four-person suites

What’s Scarce:

  • 1 River single
  • 1 EC six-person suite
  • 1 Claremont two-person RA suite
  • 1 Claremont five-person suite
  • 1 Claremont six-person suite

What’s Still Left:

  • 10 Claremont seven-person suites
  • 6 548 West 113 studio doubles (Brownstone)
  • 18 EC five-person suites, 8 EC corridor doubles
  • 151 Broadway singles
  • 14 Carlton singles
  • 50 Harmony singles
  • 16 McBain singles
  • 6 Ruggles six-person suites, 12 Ruggles eight-person suites
  • 167 Schapiro singles
  • 47 Watt studio doubles
  • 153 Wien singles
  • Lots of doubles!

Looking Ahead: Tomorrow, juniors will keep picking, and it’s likely that people will start dipping more into the less-sought-after buildings for singles (Harmony, Wien, Broadway, etc.). There are still quite a few large suites left, but in general, suite pickings are slim and we’ll start to see a heavy shift toward corridor-style rooms. We aren’t at McBain-double-levels of desperation yet, but all of the flashy options are gone and the juniors are left with some perfectly respectable but very average rooms— don’t be expecting any huge singles or show-stopping views, but you’ll still be comfortable if you’re picking in the coming days.

The one that got away via Bwog Archives