A round of applause for day 9! *silence*

While it may be the ninth day of housing selection, it’s only day two for juniors and things are already looking rough. But all hope is not lost! While most of the coveted spaces on campus have been taken by seniors and juniors with showstopping lottery numbers, there are still plenty of (and I know this is what everyone wants) mediocre, average places to live. If you’re currently on plan B (or E), then be sure to check out our housing reviews if you need a little extra guidance! Or, the housing twitter thread if you want to inform other weary travelers. Here’s what we’re working with:

What’s Gone:

  • All of River Hall
  • 6-person EC suites
  • All singles, doubles, three-person, four-person, and eight-person suites in Claremont

What’s Scarce:

  • 7 singles left in Carlton Arms
  • 15 singles left in McBain
  • 4 doubles left in Harmony
  • 7 doubles left in East Campus
  • 2 6-person suites left in Harmony
  • 2 6-person suites in Plimpton

What’s Still Left:

  • 13 5-person suites in East Campus
  • 4 6-person suites & 10 8-person suites in Ruggles
  • Many singles in Broadway, Schapiro, Harmony, & Furnald
  • Many doubles in Wien, Schapiro, McBain, Carlton Arms, Broadway, & 600 West 113th

Looking ahead: Tomorrow is the third day for juniors. Based on the remaining suites, singles, and doubles—the ones in more desirable dorms and floors will soon be taken. But, so far there are still suites and a good amount of singles left. There are still suites and rooms available in EC, however, those will probably be gone soon as the juniors continue with their selections. Rising juniors continue selection until April 5—which is when rising sophomores begin selection.

Image via Columbia Housing